Frequently Asked Questions – Owners

  • How long will it take to lease my property?

    Our prime objective is to lease your property as soon as possible.
    The time it takes to lease your property can depend on a number of variables including how it is marketed, its presentation and condition, availability of other properties, rental pricing and even the time of year (Yes, there are peaks and troughs in tenant activity throughout the year).

    Achieving the shortest turn around on the leasing of your property is not something that is achieved by luck. Smart Rentals property managers systematically work to minimise the effects of each of the contributing variables so that very little is left to chance:

    • We actively market your property to tenants using industry leading marketing techniques. We don’t just wait for the phone to ring, we’re out there knocking on doors.
    • We ensure the best presentation by using professional photographs and digital staging (dressing your property with furniture) where necessary.
    • We ensure your property is kept in the best condition by carrying out highly detailed inspections. We not only giving you feedback on the current state of your property but also provide timely recommendations on potential future maintenance requirements.
    • We don’t wait until the property is vacant. Smart Rentals leasing team will generally begin showing your rental property as soon the current residents provide notice of their intent to move out. We commence formal advertising campaigns for your property up to 30 days prior to the current tenant’s vacate date so that non-income producing vacancy periods are minimised.
    • We’re proactive. Smart Rentals Property Managers schedule contact with current tenants so that we know their intentions well before lease end date. This means we can start planning for new tenants while the property is still bringing in rental.
    • We keep our finger on the pulse in relation to market rental and will advise you of the current market and the best strategies to maximise achievable rental.
    • When signing up a new lease we endeavour to make sure that the end date of the agreement is during one of the peak tenant activity times of the year so we can maximise the opportunity for filling the next potential vacancy at your property.
    • Our tenants know that it is our aim to give them their bond back. We communicate with our tenants constantly during their lease so they are aware of expectations regards vacating and cleaning the property. Our planned process ensures minimum turnaround time between tenants for your property, maximising your rental income.

  • How do you advertise?

    It is both beneficial and cost-effective to our owners for Smart Rentals to find the highest qualified tenant in the least amount of time, therefore we vigorously market our rental properties using industry leading advertising campaigns anchored by internet advertising and through actively prospecting for quality tenants using methods including direct tenant targeting and social media.

  • When do you disburse the rent to owners?

    We process and disburse rentals at the end of every month and will provide your funds by direct deposit to your bank account. We are aware of the cash flow requirements of today’s investor and can also provide mid-month disbursals where requested.

  • How often are property inspections conducted?

    Smart Rentals conducts formal inspections of your property up to four times per year and will also conduct regular informal drive-by inspections.
    Ingoing inspections are completed just before the residents move in. This is a comprehensive inspection where we detail the condition of your property in a written report along with extensive photographic documentation of the entire property inside and out.
    Routine Inspections are completed regularly. These are a general “health check” of the property to ensure that your tenants are looking after it well. Routine inspections are not as comprehensive as Ingoing or Vacate Inspections.
    As your tenant moves out of the property we complete a detailed vacate inspection similar to the in-going inspection. The vacate inspection is carried out to make sure your property is returned in the same condition as when it was first rented (with the exception of fair wear and tear). If the property is not up to scratch we work with the tenant to quickly rectify issues. We ensure that the bond is fully refunded to the outgoing tenant if the property is left in the appropriate standard.

  • Can you help if I wish to sell the property?

    Absolutely. As we are a specialist property management agency we do not sell properties, so we have no conflict of interest when advising you on sale. We can offer you advice on preparation for sale and even recommend who we think would be the best local agent to market your property.

  • How do you handle rental collections?

    We require rental in advance and prefer all tenants to pay by regular direct debit transfers.

  • How do you handle maintenance requests?

    This important issue is discussed with our tenants during their induction process. Tenants are provided with the Smart Rentals Maintenance App for their smartphone or can e-mail or submit maintenance requests online. We always contact our owners prior to incurring costs for works and will arrange for an estimate or quote to be completed where required. Properties that are well maintained attract the best tenants. We aim to place tenants in properties which are well maintained and presented. We will make recommendations if we believe your property requires improvements or maintenance. Maintaining your property to a high standard will preserve your investment and keep your tenants happy.

  • Who handles problems after hours?

    We’re on call and can attend to emergencies out of hours. As per Queensland legislation, if defined emergency repairs are required, our tenants are authorised to make contact with trade contractors direct.

For more information, contact our office on 4771 4773 or send your details and we'll call to assist you.