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Prompt replies and prompt resolution of issues

Gemma Appleby 1 week ago

Kind and helpful staff

Denzell Kamal 1 week ago

Excellent service and follow-up on any concerns. Keep landlords informed.

Darren & Emma Oliveri 1 week ago

Absolutely cannot fault Smart Rentals, responsive to all owner and renters needs. So please with my choice of rental agency.

Jenny & Brendan Chessum 2 weeks ago

Prompt communication & professional management.

Megan & Greg Woodward 2 weeks ago

Good prompt friendly service

Daniel Robinson 2 weeks ago

Very good service and quick response with all matters first class

George & Sandra Pappas 2 weeks ago

Fantastic customer service

Ashlea Brooke Watkins 3 weeks ago

Very professional people

David Masson 3 weeks ago

Active property management and prompt responses

James Pump 3 weeks ago

Quick replies

Khaldoon Alsaee 5 weeks ago

The team at smart rentals are reliable and trustworthy. They look after our property and get the job done.

Liz & Tony Parker 6 weeks ago

Friendly and helpful property managers

Karen Banks 8 weeks ago

Professional, friendly and engaging team

Andre Bretschneider 10 weeks ago

When I needed to end my lease because of a unexpected incident they supported me and worked with me to get new clients. This was amazing as I was going through a hard time.

Rhianna Shanahan 10 weeks ago

Friendly and professional.

Peter Jepson 11 weeks ago

Property managers use their expertise and autonomy to make good decisions

Emma & Glenn Sheridan 11 weeks ago

Living in South Australia we know everything is being taken care of. We don’t have to worry about a thing.

Julie & Mark Roberts 12 weeks ago

easy to deal with

David Brockwell 12 weeks ago

Looking after my investment and keeping me up to date with any issues such as maintenance.

Cindy David 12 weeks ago

Swift response and turn around time to all requests

Jodie Bell 13 weeks ago

Quick response and they kept me in the loop

Mitchell Freebody 14 weeks ago

Friendly and helpful staff. Any issues or concerns were dealt with promptly and effectively. The rental team was very understanding and easy to deal with. I would absolutely recommend Smart Rentals in the future.

Jake Perry 14 weeks ago

Great property management service to Landlords. Friendly staff and always very helpful.

Karen Kinnersley 14 weeks ago

The professionalism of the staff but still maintained a friendly demeaned and we’re always welcoming to my questions as I was a first time tenant. If I was their boss I’d give them a raise 🙂

Kaylene-Ann Hennessy-Rasmussen 14 weeks ago

Good proactive service

Darren & Emma Oliveri 14 weeks ago

Prompt, friendly and professional service.

Jenny & Brendan Chessum 15 weeks ago

Excellent service

Mick Baker 15 weeks ago

The management!

Timothy & Caroline Palmer 15 weeks ago

Quick response majority of the time

Indra & Anil Kumar 15 weeks ago

Great one on one communication

Alan & Rosenia Frewin 16 weeks ago

Professionalism of staff and promptness of rectifying any issues that arise

Kirsty Keyes 16 weeks ago

Friendly and helping

Benjamen Buckler 17 weeks ago

very professional no fuss rental agency.

Alex & Eleanor Daly 18 weeks ago

I am confident in their ability to look after my property

Liz & Tony Parker 19 weeks ago

Professional service and always kept in the loop of any issues, have had experience with other firms that did not end well and Smart Rentals are a breath of fresh air, thanks to the team. Glenn

Glenn & Lyn Dibben 19 weeks ago

Prompt and courteous service

Lyle Clifford 21 weeks ago

Reliable service

Lachlan Bell 22 weeks ago

The time taken to understand the rental, ease of communication and therefore quality of service

Julie Anne Scheuber 23 weeks ago

Always being kept up to date with finding a tenant, everything was always sorted really quick, paperwork, etc

Andre Bretschneider 23 weeks ago

Steve was a very personable guy. Really fair rental company.

Andrew Oregan 23 weeks ago

Professional approach and but the best service. Nothing seemed a problem to the owner or the staff.

Raymond Stallworthy 23 weeks ago

Reliable service

Lachlan Bell 23 weeks ago

Great service

Doug Button 23 weeks ago

If I ask for something to be fixed or checked you act promptly

David Masson 24 weeks ago

Not having to worry about a thing. Everything is handled for us. They are reliable, honest and courteous. Highly recommend Smart Rentals

Julie & Mark Roberts 25 weeks ago

service and good management and feed back

Narelle Schmid 25 weeks ago

Professional conduct to look after my investment. Ensuring I am always kept up to date about any issues.

Cindy David 25 weeks ago

We have never had to chase up anything. They are always prompt, proactive and always lovely to deal with.

Hope Roncato 25 weeks ago

Its all easy to deal with

Leigh Chalker 26 weeks ago

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