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The team keep informed and dont need to be prompted for any info or issues.

Anthony Mcintosh 2 weeks ago

Very professional, always helpful. Easy to use system.

Xin (Steve) Xu 13 weeks ago

Customer focus

David Nelson 14 weeks ago

Easy to deal with and good quality service. No problems at all so far which has been a good experience

Emma & Glenn Sheridan 16 weeks ago

Reliable, dependable, honest !

Jamie Wearn 17 weeks ago

Timely response to any issues raised

Paul Taylor 17 weeks ago

They are always onto maintenance

Alex Campagnolo 18 weeks ago

Friendly staff

Michael and Colleen Harbin 18 weeks ago

service has been excellent in the management of the properties

Narelle Schmid 18 weeks ago

Can not fault Smart Rentals. Always on their A game. They are responsive and friendly. Very very happy with our decision to choose Smart Rentals to manage our property. Jenny

Jenny & Brendan Chessum 21 weeks ago

Quick, professional service

Mick Baker 21 weeks ago

Always quick to fix any problems

Simone Bowles 26 weeks ago

staff very helpful and professional, nice and easy to use system.

Xin (Steve) Xu 26 weeks ago

Excellent customer focus and interaction.

David Nelson 27 weeks ago

Great agents, very reliable and proactive!

Natacha Pennisi 29 weeks ago

Great service

Fiona and Craig Pinkney 30 weeks ago

Personal service and reliability.

Jamie Wearn 30 weeks ago

tenants found quickly for my rental property

Bev Saini 30 weeks ago

Smart rentals look after my property and manage all areas with efficiency and professionalism.

Cindy David 31 weeks ago

Professional and positive with great attitude and desire to provide a problem free investment

Narelle Schmid 31 weeks ago

Very contactable, extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

Nicholas Brown 32 weeks ago

Perfect service

Marvin Martinez Ibarra 33 weeks ago

Great service! Easy to speak with, always happy to help!

Taylah Blyss 33 weeks ago

Steve is very approachable and helpful

Indra and Anil Kumar 34 weeks ago

Friendly,efficient staff

Antonia Jenkins 35 weeks ago

Friendly staff, feedback after inspections, and consistently quick responses.

Jonathan Connor 37 weeks ago

Friendly staff

Jordan Steel 37 weeks ago

Very easy to work with and organise any maintenance issues quickly and efficiently

James Pump 37 weeks ago

Professional. Easy to deal with. Send texts to follow up emails in case you missed them which is so good as I often do. Lovey friendly staff

Belinda Finlay 38 weeks ago

Very easy to deal with. Diligent with the rental property

Annu Mathew 41 weeks ago

Efficient staff

Michael and Colleen Harbin 42 weeks ago

We trust them to look after our property and make sound decisions

Emma & Glenn Sheridan 42 weeks ago

They supply true property management unlike others in Townsville!

Kristy & Gordon Day & Robertson 42 weeks ago

The service went above and beyond and the team were very supportive during a very difficult time for our family

Patricia O'Callaghan 42 weeks ago

Professional and excellent service in Townsville which is hard with a real estate agent

Coral Ferguson 42 weeks ago

Open and honest communication

Fiona and Craig Pinkney 43 weeks ago

Delivered on what was promised

Matthew & Linda Linda Lade 45 weeks ago

super organised and extremely helpful

Rachel Brogna 45 weeks ago

they always quick respond when we need to fix something

Dina Brockwell 45 weeks ago

The fast responses we receive from the Smart Rentals team And, the feedback we receive after an inspection

Jonathan Connor 50 weeks ago

Smart rentals were efficient, friendly and professional. So easy with all the forms online. Could not fault our experience.

Leanne Lahy 50 weeks ago

professional service

Lydia and Riccardo Riccardo Caniato 50 weeks ago

Always professional and easy to work with

James Pump 50 weeks ago

Very professional. Efficient

Belinda Finlay 51 weeks ago

Everything, whether it be me ask for something or your staff request something it is delt with straight away or as soon as possible . Routine inspections done on a regular basis and staff are very professional!!!

Vicky Fowler 365 days ago

Very organised, reply to emails and have had no dramas whatsoever

Courtney Prove 368 days ago

Strong IT

David Nelson 1 week ago

Steve and his staff are awesome, very efficient.

Katrina Pump 1 week ago

Friendly staff.

Michael and Colleen Harbin 2 weeks ago

I have no issues when I do I am helped fast I feel that smart rentals cares about me

Timothy O'Connor 4 weeks ago

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