Who We Are

Smart Rentals Townsville is a specialist Property Management Business.

We’re in the business of connecting Smart Tenants with Smart Properties using proactive, innovative and effective marketing processes.

We provide value to investment property owners by maximising the long-term return of their investment and we pride ourselves on effective communication.

Why the Name Smart Rentals?

The name Smart Rentals embodies our culture and permeates through everything we do.

We are smart property managers, looking after smart properties for smart owners. We seek smart tenants who will look after their rental property as if it is their own.

Smart Property Managers

Smart Rentals Property Managers know the keys to property management success:

  • We communicate. If there is an issue we won’t just tell you about it. We’ll provide a recommendation for the best solution. If you have a concern we will take the time to listen and then develop a solution
  • We understand the market and we know that tenants are the lifeblood of our business.
  • We respect our tenants just as much as our owners. We foster strong, long term relationships.
  • We use smart technology. Smart Rentals Property Managers use the most up to date technology to provide a better, faster, more effective and more accountable service to our clients. We provide online access to owners and tenants. Our online portals allow you to keep track of where your property is at 24/7 – simply log in at any time of the day or night and you’ll know as soon as the rent is paid or when maintenance work is complete.

Smart Properties

We actively seek to manage smart properties with the following key attributes:

  1. Smart presentation (well-presented and maintained)
  2. Smart location (be where tenants want to live – either close to amenities or lifestyle)
  3. Smart owners (it’s the key ingredient – see below)

Smart Owners

We aim to build relationships with our customers for life.

Smart Owners are owners who are willing and able to trust us as your property management partners.

Smart owners know that the best long term return on investment isn’t just achieved by asking for the highest rental. The best returns are about achieving maximum occupancy at the best rental possible, while minimising non-income producing vacancy periods. In fact, sometimes it’s smarter to except slightly less rent in favour of longer term occupancy.

As the old saying goes, you’ve got to spend money to make money. This is particularly true with rental properties. Sometimes we’ll ask you to spend money in order to keep your property up to the Smart Rentals Standard. That’s because experience tells us that a well presented and maintained property will not only achieve better longer term rental returns, but that it will also achieve greater capital gains. Both return and capital value are critically important in achieving your portfolio cash flow and growth goals.

Smart Tenants

We recognise that tenants are the lifeblood of our business and essential component of successful property investment. We value Smart Tenants and make sure they are well looked after. Smart Tenants treat the property as if it is their own. They understand they are the custodian of another person’s significant investment.

If you think you’re a Smart Tenant then contact Smart Rentals and we’ll do our best to find a property to suit you.

Smart Tenants know that it is the little things that keep their owners happy.

Smart Owners know that it is the little things that keep their tenants happy.

Smart Rentals knows it too.

Expectations and Communication

Smart Rentals’ communication commitment provides owners, tenants and suppliers with easy to understand information about what’s expected and how we can work together to achieve the best results.

Our goal is to better understand our customers’ expectations in order to meet and exceed them. We do this through continual communication and feedback.

Whether you are a tenant, a landlord or supplier to our business you will always know what our expectations are, and we’ll always ask what you need from us.

Why We Are Here

Smart Rentals Townsville’s Principal Licensee Steven McDonald has worked in the Townsville Real Estate Industry since 2001, for many of these as a partner in one of the larger property management businesses in the region.

Steven recognised that the needs of owners and tenants had also evolved and that the real estate industry itself needed to change to meet those needs.

Smart Rentals Townsville was formed to break free of the conventional way of thinking and champion change within the property management industry.

For too long property management has been the poor cousin within sales based agencies. For too long property managers have been doing things ‘the old way’ simply because that’s the way it’s always been done. Feedback from frustrated owners had been that their property managers provided decreasing value for what seemed like ever increasing fees.

Smart Rentals Townsville is here to change industry perceptions by helping to change the system. We believe the relationship between property managers, owners and tenants should not be adversarial. We are partners whose goals should be aligned.

We are committed to continual improvement, and we’re keen to hear your opinions. Please feel free to contact us at any time with your advice on how our Smart Property Managers can provide better service. We’d love to hear from you.

For more information, contact our office on 4771 4773 or send your details and we'll call to assist you.